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Ryarc CampaignManager



TitleDescriptionDownload SizeVersionLanguage
Ryarc CampaignManager - 32bitCampaignManager 7.0 installation package containing CampaignManager, CM Player, Dappler, Node server, Zusa for 32 bit OS337 MB7.0.47.21133English / Thai / Chinese
Ryarc CampaignManager - 64bitCampaignManager 7.0 installation package containing CM Player, Node server for 64 bit OS480 MB7.0.47.21133English / Thai / Chinese
Ryarc Remote Agent - 32bit/64bitCampaignManager 7.0 installation package containing Ryarc Remote Agent for 32 bit / 64 bit OS320 MB7.0.47.21133English / Thai / Chinese
Ryarc CM Service - 32bit/64bitRyarc CM Service installation package for 32 bit / 64 bit OS1.81 GB7.0.47.21133English / Thai / Chinese
Ryarc Multicast - 32bitRyarc Multicast installation package for 32 bit OS30 MB7.0.47.21133English / Thai / Chinese
Ryarc Multicast - 64bitRyarc Multicast installation package for 64 bit OS33 MB7.0.47.21133English / Thai / Chinese
Ryarc Neptune - 32bit/64bitRyarc Neptune installation package for 32 bit / 64 bit OS43 MB7.0.47.21133English / Thai / Chinese
Ryarc Android CM PlayerRyarc Android CM Player 7.0 installation86 MB7.0.47.21133English / Thai / Chinese

Windows System Requirements

  • The specs of the player are mainly dictated by the content that will be displayed.
  • If you want to show normal quality video clips and some web content then the most basic PC will do the trick.
  • If you will want to show High Definition videos then you will definitely need to include an external graphics card with 128/256 mb ram to ensure smooth playback.
  • If you will need to show rss feeds as a ticker then the player will need to be capable of running directx9.0c.
  • For the Ryarc software the minimum requirements are the same as .net framework

Generally speaking this is what we recommend:
  • Memory: 2 GB or more
  • Graphic Card: 128 MB Separate graphics card (not shared)
  • PC: P4 or equivalent (not Celeron)

To a large extent, the specification you require for your player is a product of the type of media you want to play. However, as a basic guideline, we recommend a box with graphic acceleration and 2GB of RAM. You may require faster chipsets for complicated layouts and multiple HD outputs.

Supported Operating System
OSCM Player/DapplerCampaignManagerCMServiceNeptune
Windows 7 32/64bit              Yes              Yes       Yes   Yes
Windows 8 32/64bit              Yes              Yes       Yes   Yes
Windows 10 32/64bit              Yes              Yes       Yes   Yes
Windows Server 2003 64bit               No              Yes       Yes   Yes
Windows Server 2008 32/64bit               No              Yes       Yes   Yes
Windows Server 2012 64bit               No              Yes       Yes   Yes
Windows Server 2016 64bit               No              Yes       Yes   Yes

Android Supported Devices and Requirements

Supported Android Devices (Brands & Models)
Brand NameModel NameCPURAM MemoryStorageOS
MX10MX10Quad-Core4 GB26 GBAndroid 8.1
MXQPROHX_S905Quad-Core3 GB26 GBAndroid 7.1.2
Intelx5-Z8350Quad-Core2 GB8 GBAndroid 5.1
Minix X68-iX68-iOcta-Core2 GB16 GBAndroid 6.0.1
Minix X68-iX68-iOcta-Core2 GB12 GBAndroid 5.1.1
QBicFHD-100Quad-Core2 GB8 GBAndroid 5.1.1
IAdeaXMP-6200Quad-Core1 GB8 GBAndroid 4.4.2
IAdeaMBR-1100Quad-Core1 GB8 GBAndroid 4.4.2
CloudNetCR11/SQuad-Core2 GB6 GBAndroid 4.4.2
/M8SQuad-Core2 GB8 GBAndroid 4.4.2
MinixNEO X7Quad-Core2 GB16 GBAndroid 4.2.2

Recommended configuration for unbranded Device:
  • CPU: Dual - Core / Quad Core, Quad Core preferred
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB or More
  • Storage: 4GB or more, mainly depends on media size
  • OS: Android 4.4.2

Release Note

Coming soon

Current Known Issues

Coming soon

All the issues are currently under investigation.

Please leave feedback on the forum (http://www.ryarc.com/forum) or send email to support@ryarc.com.

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