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Ryarc CampaignManager 6.7

Modified on Friday, 22 June 2018 22:05 by Ryarc Software Release Team Categorized as CM Releases

Ryarc CampaignManager 6.7



TitleDescriptionDownload SizeVersionLanguage
Ryarc CampaignManager - 32bit/64bitCampaignManager 6.7 installation package containing CampaignManager, CM Player, Dappler, Node server, Zusa for 32 bit / 64 bit OS80.90 MB6.7.28.51202English / Thai / Chinese
Ryarc CM Service - 32bit/64bitRyarc CM Service installation package for 32 bit / 64 bit OS120.2 MB6.7.28.51202English / Thai / Chinese
Ryarc Multicast - 32bitRyarc Multicast installation package for 32 bit OS13.80 MB6.7.28.51202English / Thai / Chinese
Ryarc Multicast - 64bitRyarc Multicast installation package for 64 bit OS16.60 MB6.7.28.51202English / Thai / Chinese
Ryarc Neptune - 32bit/64bitRyarc Neptune installation package for 32 bit / 64 bit OS09.71 MB6.7.28.51202English / Thai / Chinese
Ryarc Android CM PlayerRyarc Android CM Player 6.7 installation09.66 MB6.7.28.51202English / Thai / Chinese

Windows System Requirements

  • The specs of the player are mainly dictated by the content that will be displayed.
  • If you want to show normal quality video clips and some web content then the most basic PC will do the trick.
  • If you will want to show High Definition videos then you will definitely need to include an external graphics card with 128/256 mb ram to ensure smooth playback.
  • If you will need to show rss feeds as a ticker then the player will need to be capable of running directx9.0c.
  • For the Ryarc software the minimum requirements are the same as .net framework

Generally speaking this is what we recommend:
  • Memory: 2 GB or more
  • Graphic Card: 128 MB Separate graphics card (not shared)
  • PC: P4 or equivalent (not Celeron)

To a large extent, the specification you require for your player is a product of the type of media you want to play. However, as a basic guideline, we recommend a box with graphic acceleration and 2GB of RAM. You may require faster chipsets for complicated layouts and multiple HD outputs.

Supported Operating System
OSCM Player/DapplerCampaignManagerCMServiceNeptune
Windows XP 32/64bit              Yes              Yes        No.    Yes
Windows 7 32/64bit              Yes              Yes       Yes.    Yes
Windows 8 32/64bit              Yes              Yes       Yes.    Yes
Windows Server 2003 64bit               No              Yes       Yes.    Yes
Windows Server 2008 32/64bit               No              Yes       Yes.    Yes
Windows Server 2012 64bit               No              Yes       Yes.    Yes

Android Supported Devices and Requirements

Supported Android Devices (Brands & Models)
Brand NameModel NameCPURAM MemoryStorageOS
IAdeaXMP-6200Quad-Core1 GB8 GBAndroid 4.4.2
IAdeaMBR-1100Quad-Core1 GB8 GBAndroid 4.4.2
CloudNetCR11/SQuad-Core2 GB6 GBAndroid 4.4.2
MinixNEO X7Quad-Core2 GB16 GBAndroid 4.2.2
AopenMEP320NANANAAndroid 4.2.2

Recommended configuration for unbranded Device:
  • CPU: Dual - Core / Quad Core, Quad Core preferred
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB or More
  • Storage: 4GB or more, mainly depends on media size
  • OS: Android 4.4.2

Current Known Issues

AndroidScrolling function doesn`t work
AndroidFor specific scenario player skip media and never run one media
AndroidFor specific scenario sometimes normal priority campaign repeats the count play
AndroidHacked/Renamed file is not deleted, and player doesn't re-downloads the files
AndroidPlayer plays black screen if campaign with unsupported media is published
AndroidDEUS and Text zone images are not displayed on the screen
AndroidSome commands don`t work on iAdea devices
AndroidText zone with empty rows above the text is not shown properly
Ryarc MobileAssigned Campaigns and Tickers to selected project are not shown in the RyarcMobile
Ryarc MobileCampaigns are shown in projects they are not published to
Ryarc MobileMicro permissions for campaigns is not reflected
Audio ZoneCannot import a playlist into the audio zone
Text ZoneFont size and type changes from dropdowns are not reflected in the zone
PlaylistPlay order up/down buttons don`t behave as expected for multiple selected media
PlaylistDetail view window for video files, video preview goes beyond the limit of detail window.
Online ManagementLabel for Start/End Time should be changed to Start/End Daily at
DEUSFinal result for dynamic deus is wrong for some cultures
Web Related ComponentsSome functions don`t work as expected for IE < 10
CM PlayerPlayer plays ryarc logo for less then a second when it is started again
Licensing'Registered to' field is not populated with the holder of the license, it is populated with default name
Preview live playlistIn Detail View preview missing thumbnail images for some type of media
CMMissing some keytips fir navigation via keyboard
TriggerBasic schedule for trigger commands don`t work as expected
Helper WindowSome files are not supported by the auto categorization
Unsupported filesUnsupported files preview in designer screen
Hash checkFile hash check test for Player / Dappler
Playback ScenarioPlayback scenario 4 - Adding media during playtime
Social ZoneSocial zone tweet test for specific twitter account for Campaign
Dappler ConfigurationAfter a reboot of the machine Dappler Monitor starts and begins using 90+% of the CPU
IP AddressIP Address does not look good
Player Memory LeakPlayer memory leak for video without using wmp
Player Memory LeakTest player memory for web resource
CommandCommands search and sort test
LocalizationLocalization for the installer
PlaylistMaster playlist do not clear the (*) after changes are not saved to the child playlists

All the issues are currently under investigation.

New Features in 6.7

Click here to download list with all new features

Please leave feedback on the forum (http://www.ryarc.com/forum) or send email to support@ryarc.com.

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