Command Execution Results


When Commands are executed on remote devices, devices send back the execution results to the service. Upon syncing from CampaignManager Web, the execution results are available from Command workspace. Execution results state the device where the Command got executed, the time when the Command execution started and whether or not the Command was successful. Commands that request returned data such as play logs (proof of play) and event/error logs, execution result also provides a link to access those records.

View Execution Results

To view the execution result of any published Command, open the Commands page and click on the View Execution Results from the navigation menu. Alternatively, you can right click on the selected command and click on the same button from the context menu.

As can be seen from the following image, the result shows the date/time for Command execution/success, the name of the remote device, the configured channel of the device to which the Command was published as well as whether the Command succeeded or not (after Command execution started).

The Output column in the above image is used when data is requested by the Command. For example, for Commands such as Request Play Log and Request Activity Log, service returns a URL for accessing those records. The following image shows the URL for Request Play Log Command.

Click the View Play Log link. This opens the play log records on the service site.

Export Execution result to CSV file

You can export execution results to a CSV file for future reference and other management purposes. To export the result, open the Command workspace, go to Execution Results tab and from the navigation menu click on Export to CSV button. Alternatively, you can click on the right context menu while you are in Execution Results tab and click on the button Export to CSV.

This opens the Save As window. Enter a suitable name for the CSV file and click Save. This will save the executions results in a CSV file.

After saving the CSV file, open it in Microsoft Excel. The same Execution Results, such as in Command workspace, should be shown in the CSV file.

Clear Execution Results

Open Command workspace, go to Execution Results tab and click on Clear Execution Results button from the left navigation menu or from the right context menu. Execution results will be cleared.