Command Result Conditional

Configure Player

Open CM Player Configuration File, configure the player and run it.

Create a command

Log in to CM Service as Domain Admin. Open Command Libraries and create some command library.

For ex. Create Batch File Script command. In the field, insert some command and Save it.

For example:

@echo off

for /F “tokens=2” i in ('date /t') do set mydate=i set mytime=%time% echo Current time is

Batch File Script example:

PowerShell Script example:

Go to Commands > Create a New Command > Go to Advanced Command and Load the previously created Batch/PowerShell Command. Click Save and Publish the command.

*Do not forget to add a Channel.

You can check the Output in the Execution Results, under Output column.

Add Command Result Condition on Media Level

Open Campaigns and Import some Media to the Campaign. Right click on Media you want to Add the Condition. Playlist Settings > Conditional.

In the modal window, click on Command Result Conditional.

With click on +Add New Command Result Condition, new modal window ‘Import Command’ will be shown from where you can choose the required command.

The Command will be added with two fields, first one for choosing Operators: Equal and Contains, and the second one for Insert Result to be Matched.

Choose the Condition and click the OK button.

In each media that contains conditional play, there will be an information icon about the condition.

Each media can have more than one command result conditions and the condition can be add on different types of media.

Add Command Result Condition on media from Playlist

Create one Playlist and add different types of media. Right click on media you want to add the condition and click on the ‘Conditional’.

The Conditional Play modal window will be shown. Choose the Command Result Condition and click on OK button. There will be an information icon near the media name about the condition.

Add Command Result Condition on entities level

The Command Result Condition can be used on entities level as Campaigns, Tickers and Commands.

Open one of the entities, go to Settings tab and tick the ‘Play only when the condition matches’ option. The modal window for Conditional Play will be opened.


*The media/campaign will play only when the conditions match. *The Command Output should be match with a Command Result Conditional, so the media will play on the player.