Folder Playback on Remote File Drop type and Zone Sync

Remote File Drop Intro

The remote file drop in campaign is used to play the media files that existing on the given path from the remote pc. The user now can set a path from the folder with media files and all media files from the folder will play ordered by modified time.

Set remote file drop path folder

In Campaign’s workspace, from the left nav menu choose ‘Playlist Settings’ → ‘Add Media’ → ‘Remote File Drop’. In the modal box, paste the folder path from the remote PC and save the changes.

After this, publish the campaign to your online player and all media files from the folder including the ones from subfolders will start playing ordered by modified time. If the user adds some new image or video to the folder, it will start with playing in a few minutes. The remote file drop item’s duration is for the entire folder’s play, so it’s recommended to have bigger duration for the item. If a video is playing at the moment when the duration of the remote file drop comes to an end, the time duration for the remote file drop will be ignored and the video will continue to play till the end. After the video is finished with playing, the remote file drop stops and the next media start to play.

Zone Sync Intro

The feature zone sync is used for the same media files to play at the same time in the non-primary zones when a media starts playing on the primary zone. The name of the media files from the non-primary zone(s) are matching the media file’s name from the primary zone, while the file extension can differ. If there is no matching between the media’s name, than the default media will play. The default media’s name should be “default.*”. *- .jpg, .png, .jpeg, .mp4.. (any extension)

How zone sync works

Add one more zone in the campaign (besides the primary zone).

Select the primary zone, upload some media files, and then select the second one, select ‘Remote File Drop’ and set a path from the folder that contains the wanted media files. In this folder, all media’s name will be compared with the media’s name from the primary zone no matter the extension (.mp4, .jpg, .png..).

In order for zone sync to work, in the non-primary zone, it has to be with the remote file drop, the button ‘Auxiliary’ should be checked, and the duration of the remote file drop should be set with big time (which specifies the total play duration of all the files in the folder).

Publish the campaign on the player.

Zone Sync Playback

On the player side all media files from the primary zone will play one by one. If there is a media name from the remote file drop folder of the non-primary zone matching with the playing media on the primary zone, the matching media will start to play as well immediately. If there is no match, the default media will start to play instead.