VLC Option

About VLC Option feature

VLC option is used to add VLC command options to the player by writing the command in VLC Option field in order to achieve customized playback scenario - Example:

‘:avcodec-hw=none’ Disable hardware decoding, when some graphic card fails to decode.

‘:no-audio’ Disable the audio output. The audio decoding stage will not take place, thus saving some processing power.

This feature is implemented for Windows x32 player, Windows x64 player and Linux player.

You may find more command options from the following link. (Please replace ‘–’ with ‘:’) https://wiki.videolan.org/VLC_command-line_help/

Steps to open VLC Option

Open the online player’s details where the published campaign with audio or video is playing.

Run VLC Command through VLC Option in CM Service

From General Settings page click ‘General settings’ section and enter the VLC command in VLC option field.

After saving the changes, command will be applied automatically on the player.

Run VLC Command through VLC Option in Configuration Player File

VLC Option can be used through Player configuration file too. In General Settings page, general settings section → VLC Option – Example: