Media Information


Media Information is one of the latest feature available in the Web Campaign Manager. This feature allows the user to see all media files that are used in all published Campaigns. From here user can select any of these media files and change them with another media files. If the media file is used in more than one published Campaigns, user can select to which of these Campaigns to aplly the changes.

To open Media Information page click on the button Media Information from the left navigation menu.

Media Information page will be shown with the list-view of all media items that are used in a active published Campaigns. There are two columns available in the list : Name (name of the media item and Image (thumbnail preview of the media item). First column is clickable and sortable, by clicking on this column user can sort the media items by name in descending or ascending order.

If you click (select) any of the media in the list additional info will be shown in the right details panel. In this panel are shown three available sections with information for the selected media: Campaigns (Campaigns where this media is used), Players (Players associated whith this media) and Channels (Channels associated with this media).

When media is selected from the list-view, then additional button is shown in the left navigation menu and right context menu: Change Media. When user hover over this button drop-down list menu is shown with the following options: File Upload, Web Resource, Live Stream, Capture and Remote File Drop.

Change Media

To change existing media used in active published Campaign, simply select the media in the list-view and select the proper media type from the available options from Change Media drop-down list menu. For example if you want to upload new media file instead of the selected exiting media items, then click on the Change Media button and select File Upload option (this can be done from both left navigation menu or right context menu options).

After clicking on this option modal window will be shown with the list of all Campaigns where this media is used. User can select (check) all Campaigns in which he wants to change this media.

After Campaign(s) is selected click on the button Add Media. Another modal window is shown prompting the user to select the media item from the local disk. Select the proper media item and click on the button Open.

After that message will be shown informing the user that selected media is successfully changed (replaced in all selected Campaigns) with the newly uploaded media.

In the listview nelwy added media will be added in the list. Note that all Campaigns where the media has been replaced will automatically change their status to edited mode. User should republish all these Campaigns to affect the changes on the Player side.