Media Templates


Media Templates are set of text Zones with specific properties that user can create and later import to single or multiple existing Campaign. Unlike regular text zones that are shown for all media in the Campaign, Media Template can be shown (imported) for individual media items in the Campaign and also different Zone Templates can be imported and shown for different media items from the same Campaign. Media Templates also provide additional and more advanced use of the text zones, options like Auto image processing and integration with social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

Create New Media Template

To create new Media Template go to Media Templates from the left navigation menu.

Click on the 'Create New' button. NOTE: If the list of the Media Templates is empty you can click the link 'new' to open the 'Create New Media Template' modal window.

In the opened modal window enter a name for the Template and click on 'Create' button.

After the 'Create' button is clicked newly created Media Template page is automatically opened. In the navigation menu are following buttons: Back, Add Text Zone, Save (activates only after new changes are made), Social Integration, Remove Zone, Rename Media Template, Canvas Options (drop-down menu with following options: 'Show/Hide Grid', 'Snap to Grid', 'Screen Orientation' (two additional options: 'Portrait' and 'Landscape') and 'Percentage based placement'), 'Upload Image', 'Update and Publish' and 'Reset Media Template'. There are two sections on the page, on the left side is the Zone Settings section with the list of all text zones created in the Template and the Screen Designer on the right side of the page, where user can preview and also change the Properties of all selected text Zones (same as regular text Zones in the Campaign).

In the Zone Settings section by default after Template is created, only the Default Zone is listed. To open the text editor user must click on the name of the text Zone in the 'Zone Name:' column.

Social Integration

One of the features of the Media Templates is the possibility to integrate social media with the text zones. This means that posts, images, videos, comments from the integrated social network will be shown and update properly in real time on the Player over some existing media in the Campaign. The user can select between the three largest social networks: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Additionaly there are two other options available : Movie and Sports. After the template is integrated with one of these social networks user is given the option to select individual pages or posts, their playtime, the number of posts and comments.

Add Media Template in Campaign

After Media Template is created successfully it can be added in any existing or new Campaign. To add Media Template create new Campaign (or open existing) , go to What section and select Add Media (available for newly created Campaigns or Campaign with empty Playlist) from the Playlist section, click on option Media Template from the drop-down menu. Same can be done by selecting Add MediaMedia Template after clicking on the button Playlist Settings from the both right context menu or left navigation menu.

After clicking on the button Media Template modal window will be shown with the list of all existing Media Templates. Select the proper Media Template from the list (check the checkbox) and click on the button Add Media Template/s. NOTE that Media Templates marked with red are Media Templates that doesn't have media associated and cannot be used in a Campaign.

After clicking the button Add Media Template/s Media Template will be imported successsfully (two messages will be shown at the bottom right corner of the page) and shown in the Playlist section as media item.

If you select the imported Media Template proper text zone will be shown in the Designer section on the right side. On hover also proper info tooltip message will displayed.