Media Tree Libraries


Media Tree Libraries is the latest feature available in Web Campaign Manager. This feature is used in combination with zone linking. Using this we can create tree of nodes (photos) and by adding zone linking on some node we can jump on the node that we link it with and come back after some time. The whole idea is to create something that is similar to an interactive web page on the CMPLayer itself. Users will be able to click on the screen (touch screen or a mouse) and navigate through the images.

Creating Media Tree Library

To create Media Tree Library in CampaignManager Web, click on Media Tree Libraries button from the left navigation menu. NOTE: You must previously select some existing Project. Otherwise, the navigation menu will not be shown.

Click on the first button (Create New) from the left navigation menu, right-click inside the listview to open the context menu and select Create New or just click on new link that will be shown if there are no Media Tree Libraries created.

A Modal window will be shown where you can enter the name of the Media Tree Library. Enter the name of the Media Tree Library and click on Create button (or click Cancel if you want to cancel the whole operation).

A new media tree workspace is created and we are automatically transferred to that workspace. How to add media is represented on the picture below. The first media is representing the root of the tree.

To add more media go to the plus sign on the node that you want to extend the tree and click Add Media.

If you want to replace some media on the tree click on that media, select Change Media from navigation menu and click File Upload.

The selected image will be changed.

NOTE: If you try to change the root file, the whole tree will be deleted.

Zone Linking To Other Media Tree Nodes

To add zone linking select the media that you want to link(in our example the root media) and click on “Zones linking to the other media node” from navigation menu.

That will open the next window. Select “Target a tree to a link node” and select the node that you want to link.

The link will be created after selecting the node. Click OK.

You can position the zone on the image and by clicking on that part of the image the media that you linked will be played by the duration set by user and when duration time runs out first image will be played again.

NOTE: You can change the duration on any media except the root media.

To change duration of media, click on media and change the default value(7 seconds).

To delete node and his childen you can use this button.

To save Media Tree Library you can click on save button on the navigation menu.

And for the changes to take effect you can click Update and Publish. This will update every Campaign that uses this Media Tree Library.