rIOT transforms traditional IoT networks by connecting sensors and physical devices to a smart, intelligent local gateway (powered by Intel).

rIOT Installation

In order to connect the sensor to CMService you need to have:

- Node Server installed on your local machine

- CM Player installed on your local machine

- CM Service installed on your local machine or on some server that you can access it from your machine

- All Windows Firewalls turned off.

First you need to open Node Server and configure connection settings. To see how to configure Node Server please see our Node Server section. You can find it in Installation Guide → Ryarc Node Server.

You need to get MQTT feedback message when sensor is connected.

After you have finished configuring Node Server, you need to run your Channel configuration file. Set your usual settings, but now also check Use Node Server option under General Settings. Run diagnostics and then start CM Player.

Log in to CM Service as Domain Admin and from navigation menu choose rIOT Control.

Your machine should appear.

Next step is connecting IOT device to a PC. Both LEDs will blink fast 3 times or more until the device is stabilized. If the blinking doesn't stop, the device is stuck and has to be restarted.

After IOT is connected, install RyarcIOT apk to your Android device. Open it when it finishes installing. Two buttons should appear: set SSID and set MQTT. For SSID put your wi-fi name and password. Then click on MQTT and type the address of your node service.

Meanwhile press BOOT button on your Arduino device and wait untill you connect to wi-fi. The blue LED on the Wi-Fi module is used to provide feedback on the Wi-Fi status. The green LED on the board is used to provide feedback on the MQTT status. If the particular led is not turned on , the status for the proper setting is Not connected.

You can log in again on CM Service and go to rIOT Control, your machine will be displayed, if you click on your machine sensors will be displayed as well.