Tasks are notifications that are assigned to particular a user or role. Tasks can be generated on realm, domain or project level. For a detailed discussion on realm level tasks, please refer to Realm Administration Guide. For domain or project level tasks, it can be generated either manually or by the system under certain conditions. Tasks can also be created for a particular entity.

Task created manually

To create a task manually, select Tasks from Project Explorer. This opens up your main Tasks list view labeled as My Tasks.

Select Tasks from the Home tab in the ribbon. There are three initial ways to create the first Task:

1Click on Big Plus Sign in the red square
2Click on the link new in the blue square
3Right-click on the workspace then choose to Create New in the green square

Then the following window will pop up

This opens up new task workspace. Configure the task fields with appropriate values. Click Save or press Ctrl + S to save the task.

The different fields in the task workspace are defined below:

SubjectThis field contains the subject of the task. This field is editable.
Assign ToThis field allows you to select the user or role to whom the task is assigned to. All system generated tasks are automatically assigned to Domain administrator.
Due DateThis field contains the due date for completion of the task.
PriorityThis field allows you to set priority for the task. It has only two values: normal and high.
StateThis field allows you to set the state of the task. It has only two values: active and closed.
DescriptionThe description textbox allows you to enter a relevant description for the task. This field is editable.
RegardingThis field allows you to associate a task with an entity. When you create a task from an entity, this field shows the related entity name.

Different user or roles can be selected from the Assign To combo box.

When Domain Admin logs in to the domain, he will be notified of his pending task (which was created in the previous image).

Auto Task Generation

When events such as domain entity (e.g., players, channels etc.) exceeding their allocated limit happen, the system generates tasks. These auto-generated tasks are assigned to Domain Admin.

Double-click the task to view its details. As can be seen from the following image, the task workspace describes the reason, whom it is assigned to, due date, state of the task as well as priority.

Task and Alerts

Open domain view from home menu ribbon.

Select Control Panel from drop-down menu. This will opens Control Panel window with different settings. From Domain Control Panel select Task Alert Settings. Task and Alert settings window opens up.

Under Create Tasks works space following different tasks can be selected by checking their checkbox field:

1When the available space on a Player/Dappler is less than 10%
2When CPU % usage averages more than the nominated value (nominated value is defined by the user using up/down control box)
3When a failed login occurs
4When the Neptune DB is at 80% and above capacity
5When the number of offline devices exceeds the nominated value (the value is set in the available control box)
6When a Player/Dappler goes offline
7When a Player/Dappler goes online
8When a player screen goes offline
9When a player screen goes online

Show recipients link is available to select for which role or user to assign selected task using a list of available users and roles in the To section.

Check DomainAdmin check box to assign the selected task to the Domain Admin.

Another section is available under Task and Alert settings. This section is called Task. Check Send email notification of new Tasks check box to send an email to the user for newly created tasks.

Tasks will be available under My Tasks after their action is completed.

Select the task and enter double click on the task. Appropriate task window will be opened, showing the task information.